Wolf Neve (Phillip F.)

Co-owner | Head of SRP (US) | Technical Director

Wolf is a technical director, sound engineer, musician, and writer who has worked with major acts all around the world. Now he’s turned his skills towards the holographic idol world of VOCALOID.


Co-owner | Head of SRP Europe

Johan is the chairman of a convention located in Northern Sweden called SkeCon. He met the other members of Synth Reality when they came to do the very first live VOCALOID show in Sweden, after which, he became interested in joining the team. Soon after, he became the head of the SRP European branch. During that time, SRP’s second mascot, Rosu, also joined the crew. She is both the mascot of SRP and the convention witch Johan is the chairman of.




Voice Provider for Yume | Artist | Animator | Representative

Treefin is an artist who fell into the world of VOCALOID and voice acting largely by accident, but has been in love with it ever since. A bit shy, but loves both her job and the opportunity to share her love of VOCALOID with the world.


Animator | Renders | Modeling | Effects

One of the last hologram ready makers from 2013. He is known for doing high quality renders using MMD Effects and motion graphics. He prides himself on his renders always looking professional and high-quality.




Stage Hand | Video Engineer

In addition to his video work with Synth Reality, Logan is a professional photographer and musician. Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, he plays guitar for the band ‘A Human Costume’, and photographs a wide variety of subjects and events all across the nation.


Stage Hand | Lighting Technician

Ming is the resident lighting technician, but lends all of his abilities as a stage hand. Ming has been with SRP for a very long time- almost the very beginning. He’s always planning in hopes to put on great show!




Cosplayer | SRP Representative| Administrative Assistant

Sasha Lougheed, better known as Sushie, is an administrative assistant and cosplayer for Synth Reality who found VOCALOID accidentally as a perfect mix of her love of anime styled characters and music. Working her way through cosplaying, performing, and now helping SRP reach out and be the best it can be Sushie has been with SRP since 2013.